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Tips on Being Less Stressed by Getting Organized

Getting organized is the first step to reclaiming a stress-free life. Decluttering your life will take some time at first, but the time it will save you in the long run is substantial. Creating a routine for the way you keep track of your home, work and money will make you feel less stressed, and […]

How to Leverage Twitter to Acquire New Business

Social selling is utilizing social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. to reach out to buyers with whom you would like to do business with. Social selling has advantages in the business world over cold calling because according to Statista, 75% of B2B buyers now use social media to be more informed […]

August 15 , 2017 / Posted by Baker Creative / Advice / No Comments

Five Ways to Decompress from the Work Day

Now more than ever in the digital age when work can follow us anywhere we go via our mobile phones, email and social media is it important for us to figure out how to leave work at work and decompress in the evening. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), the two most common stressors among those surveyed were work and money, and the incidence of stress often results in irritability, anger, nervousness and anxiousness—all behaviors that can cause tension when brought home after work. Below are just a few tips on how to shut work down when you clock out, and reduce overall stress from life.

“Be Prepared” is not just for Scouts

As a marketing executive, I have conducted interviews and been interviewed on many occasions. For those individuals I have interviewed over the years, I am often taken aback by their lack of knowledge and preparation in advance of our meeting. Job candidates frequently have not taken the time to review our website, let alone conducted […]