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Relativity Blog

RELATIVITYRelativity Blog
December 5 , 2016 / Posted by Baker Creative / Advice / No Comments

Four red flags that it’s time to dismiss a client

More often than not, working with a client is a wonderful and exciting experience. Unfortunately, though, throughout everyone’s career, there is going to be a client relationship that ends up being less than pleasant. Obviously, client relationships are tricky, and dealing with a toxic client relationship can make it even more complicated. Since each client […]

Top six cool gadget gift ideas for executives and tech-lovers in your life

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may already be asking yourself, “what can I possibly buy for the executive or tech-lover on my list.” Buying gifts for anyone can be challenging, but we know that it takes some extra thought when tying to strike a balance between functionality and usability when buying for your favorite […]

Nine tips to help you ace your interview and land the perfect job

Are you new to job searching? Maybe you just graduated from college and are searching for that perfect first job to get your feet in the door, or maybe after 10 years you feel it’s time for a new change in scenery. Either way, there are several critical things to remember when you seek out […]

Health benefits of taking a summer vacation

Research shows that not taking a vacation from work is highly linked to health complications—even putting you at a higher risk of dying younger than your peers. We get it—we live in a society where some people think that their work, at times, is more important than taking time for themselves or even spending extra […]