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How much effort are you putting into your work?

RELATIVITYAdviceHow much effort are you putting into your work?
December 20 , 2016 / Posted by Baker Creative / Advice / No Comments

How much effort are you putting into your work?

It has been said that minimal effort gives you minimal results.

It’s no secret that many professionals at some point in their careers will scramble to reach a deadline, leaving them questioning if they have put their best foot forward or not. Or, half-heartedly finishing a task they were not thrilled about just so they could say it was done.

If you want to have career success, you have to hold yourself accountable to put in the effort that is necessary to be above average. Some helpful tips to help you kick off the new year in the right direction include:

  • Kickstart your day: A good rule of thumb before you leave the office at the end of the day, is to write down what needs done the following day. Map out your day with all of the important tasks at the top of the list. Building momentum early in the day will carry you through your day. Remember to repeat the planning process each evening.
  • Tackle your fears: Although we hate to admit it, most professionals have some anxieties or hidden fears that keep us from working on certain projects or tasks. Ask for help or find ways to build confidence in your abilities.
  • Find your passion: We spend so many hours working, so if we aren’t working on things that we are passionate about, we won’t be as successful. If the thought of going to work each day makes you cringe, it may be time to find a new opportunity. The more passionate you are about your work, the more it’s going to shine through.
  • Take mini breaks: If you find yourself just going through the motions during the day, take a few minutes when needed to refresh your mind. It’s always best to invest a few minutes to clear your mind than it is to just sit there with no motivation.
  • Read, read, read: There are so many good books to read about self-motivation and self-help, but any book will give you new ideas that you can use to build motivation.
  • Build on success: Don’t take little milestones lightly. Success builds success because when we feel good it is easy to be motivated about anything. It doesn’t matter how small, there are many ways that you build on small successes to create big successes.

Have a plan, take charge and correct those areas that need improvement. Unfortunately, there is always a price for sacrificing your best effort.


Source: Pixabay.com

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