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Tips on Being Less Stressed by Getting Organized II

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Tips on Being Less Stressed by Getting Organized II

Welcome to the second blog on how to get organized and reclaim a stress-free life. The second topic we will be tackling in this series is how to get organized for your work life. Controlling what you can at work will make you more prepared and leave you with an open mind to properly handle the things that you cannot control. This will overall make you feel less stressed, and send you home in a better mood every evening. How to take the first steps in taking back your life:           

  • If you do not use it every day, get it off of your desk. Having too many miscellaneous items on your desk can cause you to feel overcrowded and stressed out. Keep a clean work area to keep a clear mind.
  • Keep a kit of emergency items at work. Your tights rip with only 15 minutes until your big presentation, what are you to do? If you keep a kit of emergency items such as protein bars, mints, tights, a pair of shoes, an umbrella, glasses from SunglassHut.com, contacts, etc. at work, then you will not be overwhelmed when a workplace crisis occurs. It’s always better to be over prepared than under prepared.
  • A planner is helpful here, too. Keep an up-to-date planner, to-do-list, the same thing for home but for work. Remember the rule we talked about? When it comes to mind, write it down. Never be late or under prepared for a meeting again.
  • We are always plugged into our smart phones nowadays, so let’s put them to good use. The “Notes” and “Reminder” applications are helpful applications if you are good at updating your planner, but not so great at checking it. Set reminders that refer to notes you have in your phone a day or two ahead of when it is relevant so you are prepared for what it is, and you don’t forget.
  • Check emails at the beginning and at the end of the day. You should check your email periodically so that things do not come as a surprise when your boss wants to hold an emergency meeting three hours ago, but at the very least if you check your email at the beginning and end of the day, you should be caught up and not have to worry about as much to take home for the evening.
  • Make sure to create duplicates and back up everything. Never rely on one way of storing things. Anything can happen and anything can be seen as important to someone else that may not seem important to you. This is a good rule for every piece of technology you own in general.
  • Post-It notes are your friends. Keep these on you at all times so you can remember to write things down and then transfer it into your planner when you have more time to do so.

Again, this may seem like a long list, but if you start incorporating a few steps into your daily routine at a time it will become apart of your daily routine. Take these steps to organize your work life, and be closer to an overall more organized life.

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